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03/23/17 • By Jane Salee • Photos: Jane Salee
With spring right around the corner, transformation seems to be a common theme. In late January I celebrated my 27th birthday by buying myself a new home...on wheels of course. For a killer deal I couldn't pass up I found a 1989 Tiger conversion campervan right here in our town...
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03/21/17 • By Jane Salee • Photos: Jane Salee
We hit the road after a solid snowstorm rolled into Colorado. It was a great day to head south! For six months we traveled in Tatanka, zig-zagging across the American southwest chasing warm weather and letting National Parks and good hiking guide our route. We clocked over 14,000 miles, 30+...

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03/15/17 • By Jane Salee • Photos: Jane Salee
In November of 2015, my boyfriend Casey and I moved into our 1995 Ford Sportsmobile campervan full time. We went from a very large four bedroom home that we were renting with friends to a shared 80 square feet. Neither of us owned too much to start with, but the...
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03/07/17 • By Captn_Julz • Photos: Ben Ritter
Well known snowboarder and Drink Water co-founder Austin Smith made lots of noise this winter with his vintage GMC fire truck converted in an one-of-a-kind adventure mobile allowing him to be the first to hit the slopes! Read a quick interview here. Where did you find that truck? How challenging...

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