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08/07/16 • By Boudou • Photos: Boudou-Reuzé
It all started last year, when Hélène and I were celebrating our 5-year anniversary. She was drunk and said : « Let’s buy a camper van ! » and I replied : « Ok ! » You have to know that she can’t drive. But well, it sounded like fun...
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07/07/16 • By Captn_Julz • Photos: Caro Collin
How many girls can you fit in a Sprinter? Sandra, Caroline, Julie and Julie left Canada to explore fantastic Iceland and the best way to do this was obviously in a camper van! Here's their story. Where did you rent the camper and what vehicle was it ? We rented...

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07/10/16 • By Gieni
The trip to NYC from Canada for the Red Hook Crit in Brooklyn has always been an adventure for the Canadian fixed gear community. Groups of riders have been making the trip every spring since 2012. It is still cold weather in Canada at the time of the race in NYC and ends up being the first race of the year for many Canadian riders.