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09/06/16 • By Kathleen Morton • Photos: Tiny House Tiny Footprint
How do you get a bunch of people who live on the road to get together in one place? That was a question I asked myself several times when I was in the middle of planning a Colorado van gathering. Little did I know that this amazing group of wanderers...
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09/02/16 • By Jessica Olsen • Photos: Jessica Olsen
This is how it happens…you’re at your 9 to 5 job: bored with many elements in your life, searching for your purpose and what to do with your future, and scrolling through instagram... BAM! You see all these beautiful, idealized photos: shots out the backs of vans with a beautiful...

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08/19/16 • By Pedal.to.Metal • Photos: Rambling Dawgs
Our homies are on an epic road trip with their two dogs and their bus named Pickle. They're able to travel on a super limited budget, read their story and learn from their experiences! Can you tell us your story and tell us more about your van? Hey! We are...