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10/08/16 • By Captn_Julz • Photos: ToBrook (Éric Gagnon)
On the last weekend of September, Go-van held a first van meet up called El Campo in the Vallée Bras-du-Nord close to Saint-Raymond-de-Portneuf, a little town about 45 minutes from Québec city. This location was a reference of my friend Jason who had showed me this unique spot a few...
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09/25/16 • By Captn_Julz • Photos: Chanchita
What is the best way to share your passion for mountain sports? Buy an old city bus, restore it as a tiny mobile hotel and invite cool people to come and have fun with you! That's exactly what the French Manu did! Here's the story about the Chanchita bus. What...

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09/25/16 • By Captn_Julz • Photos: Ariane Moisan
This summer I've had the opportunity to visit almost every canadian province, and I feel blessed for all these great projects. I ended up late August on Prince Edward Island and decided to stay a few more days to enjoy the beaches and eat even more seafood. I then realized...