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02/06/17 • By Kathleen Morton • Photos: Max & Ana
Scandinavia has become a really popular destination and I was looking for someone to share the best places to visit these wild lands. Max and Ana have been traveling for severals months in their camper van around Europe and mainly Finland, Norway and Sweden where they felt in love with...
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01/08/17 • By Captn_Julz • Photos: Rob Townsend
Meet Rob and Laura living out of their VW Transporter in Australia. Where are you guys from and what led you to live in a rolling home ? We are Rob and Laura from Perth, Australia. I grew up in Europe and spent summers chasing surf and adventure, living out...

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01/06/17 • By Hélène et Paule-Élise
So, November was coming and we thought: let’s hit the road before winter starts! Three hours driving from Paris, the Loire valley was waiting for us. It’s known world-round for its castles, but it’s also kind of the wildest river we have in France (less wild than it used to...
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01/06/17 • By Pedro Demers • Photos: Brian Daigneault
100 days expedition from Southern California to Central America in a Toyota 4 Runner. Read about Brian's mission to surf and live to the fullest. What is your project and what mission are you on ? My project is called 100 Days Central America, over landing Sheila my 1985 Toyota...

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