Julien has been covering action sports and music for the past 15 years through editorial content. Now full time living in his Safari Condo, he decided to launch an online magazine covering all aspects of the awesome van life community. At first, he got this freedom vessel to go surfing with his friends on the East Coast, but he realized that this nomadic lifestyle was perfect for him. One thing lead to another and he was driving across the country chasing waves and going on different adventures. He loves to find new ways to tell great stories and that's why he produces/direct the Go-Van road trip movies. He's not always on time, but he's always in the right direction.

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03/07/17 • By Captn_Julz • Photos: Ben Ritter
Well known snowboarder and Drink Water co-founder Austin Smith made lots of noise this winter with his vintage GMC fire truck converted in an one-of-a-kind adventure mobile allowing him to be the first to hit the slopes! Read a quick interview here. Where did you find that truck? How challenging...