Chloe Mocombe

Chloé is pretty addicted to surfing and van road trips with her boyfriend. She recently graduated from UQAM in Montreal with a degree in Digital Media Communications and she is the co-founder of Ananus Surfboards. When she isn’t traveling to exotic locations like Costa Rica, Mexico or Haïti in search of waves and good vibes, she can be found manufacturing longboards or working as a social media administrator and coordinator for Go-Van. Catch her in the water, how about that. 

Posts by Chloe Mocombe

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08/10/17 • By Chloe Mocombe • Photos: SOPHIE CORRIVEAU
Cet été, lors d'un événement à la boutique Archive à Montréal, j'ai rencontré la photographe et créatrice de contenu visuel Sophie Corriveau . Ses yeux brillaient à l'idée de partir avec son copain, à bord de leur nouvelle van fraîchement transformée! C'est avec beaucoup de passion qu'elle me parlait de...
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06/26/17 • By Chloe Mocombe • Photos: Starling & Rein
It's a fact, Instagram allows us to discover wonderful people from all around the world. Meet Starling & Rein , two sisters traveling together & selling vintage clothes from their 1959 mobile vintage bus. Those two girl bosses made their dream a reality, but let's start at the beginning of...
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