Jane Salee


Jane is the creator of Rock Meets Soil, a community-based blog and gallery sharing stories and artwork to broaden the circle of inspiration in the world as well as sell her photography to fund her travels. Based out of Colorado, she has been moving and traveling since she was 17 and lived in Spain as an exchange student. She has been full time van lifing since November of 2015 and has since bought, sold, rented, or lived in four different vans. You can find her outside hiking anywhere the sun is shining, grabbing a happy hour beer at the local brewery, or writing about the ridiculousness of life trying to find some deeper meaning. Jane is an advocate of campfires, good conversation, vegetables and the open road.

Posts by Jane Salee

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03/23/17 • By Jane Salee • Photos: Jane Salee
With spring right around the corner, transformation seems to be a common theme. In late January I celebrated my 27th birthday by buying myself a new home...on wheels of course. For a killer deal I couldn't pass up I found a 1989 Tiger conversion campervan right here in our town...
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03/21/17 • By Jane Salee • Photos: Jane Salee
We hit the road after a solid snowstorm rolled into Colorado. It was a great day to head south! For six months we traveled in Tatanka, zig-zagging across the American southwest chasing warm weather and letting National Parks and good hiking guide our route. We clocked over 14,000 miles, 30+...