Mary Ashley Krogh

MAK is a freelance designer and illustrator. Her work ranges from apparel graphic art, illustration, branding, typography, packaging, & Ad design. MAK & her husband, Owen of We Wander, are currently living, working, and traveling full time from their 1985 VW Vanagon named Stanley. Living on the road allows them to explore with unwavering curiosity and enthusiasm all while creating work that they are truly proud of, for clients that they genuinely care about. All while being surrounded by the things and places that inspire them most. ​

Posts by Mary Ashley Krogh

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10/27/17 • By Mary Ashley Krogh • Photos: Bound For Nowhere
In July this year we were headed west from Glacier National Park in Montana with our sights set on the Washington coast. Looking ahead at our path of travel we noticed that the weather was forecasted to be really HOT. Needless to say, we weren't into that idea after spending...
Courtesy of Rad cars with rad surfboards by Kevin Butler
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06/07/17 • By Mary Ashley Krogh
Do you like rad cars? Do you like rad surfboards? Do you like these two things together? Well if you answered yes for all of the previous questions, then I think that Kevin Butler is the guy for you! From one artist to another: let's ask him a few questions...shall...
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