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12/12/17 • By Captn_Julz
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11/19/17 • By Rhett Grametbauer • Photos: Rhett Grametbauer
“One travels to run away from routine, that dreadful routine that kills all imagination and all our capacity for enthusiasm.” Truer words may have never been spoken, at least in my case, than these from the late Swiss adventurer, Ella Maillart. My decision to leave behind the everyday, mundane existence...

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10/26/17 • By Gabrielle et Suzanne la van • Photos: Gabrielle Authier
Je me suis souvent fait demander ce qui m’a le plus déstabilisée lorsque je suis partie en roadtrip dans l’Ouest à bord de Suzanne, ma Chevy Van 1994? Une toilette propre ? Les douches quotidiennes ? Le confort de mon lit ? Dans mon cas, ce n’était rien de tout...
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10/26/17 • By Captn_Julz • Photos: Julien Roussin Cote
Some months ago my brother, my father and I planned a trip with the goal of bringing back great memories. Life is all about timing and the time had come for us, a close-knit trio with very different personalities, to go on an adventure. By establishing a list of common...