Julien has been traveling/living in camper vans about 3 years now, from Montreal to Florida and from New York to Mexico!

Alberta is a famous destination for vanlifers in the summer. It was my first time cruising around the province and I wanted to see more then just the Rockies. My friend Renaud has been a fishing guide for the past six years around Banff and offered to take me to his favorite spots in this area. While I was waiting for him to be done with his fishing trip, I went to other less popular parts of the province. Here's our itinerary:

Drumheller (Badlands)

Medicine Hat


Ribbon Lake

Lake Minnewanka

Lake Louise / Lake Moraine

Icefields Parkway

Thank you to

Tourisme Alberta
Rockies Heli Tour

All pics by Olivier Champeau & Renaud Furlotte (It's been quite a ride amigos, thank you!)